The Head and Governors are extremely pleased to be able to publish St Joseph’s five year Strategic Plan, which sets out the vision for our school in the forthcoming years.

Although our Strategic Plan is presented in sections, these are not separate – each overlaps and enhances the others, and these will be the basis for our annual development targets, the markers against which we will measure our success.

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023


A seamless education

St Joseph’s takes in pupils from age 3 – 18, fostering a sense of belonging from the very start. We want to develop greater collaboration between the Prep and Senior Schools, whilst focusing on the specific needs of each age group.

Size of the College

Pupil numbers are approaching 600, when our school will be full. We aren’t planning to grow beyond that number, as this size optimises use of our site and facilities – without losing the sense of family that makes St Joseph’s unique.

Preparing for success

We want all pupils to stay on into the Sixth Form and achieve their full academic potential so they can progress to their chosen university or vocation. A St Joseph’s education also instils Christian values that benefit the individual and the world around them for many years to come.

Spiritual Development

Making a difference

We want to build closer links to our founders, the Sisters of St Marie Madeleine Postel. Their work around the world gives St Joseph’s pupils the opportunity to become true global citizens. Our links to the local diocese means St Joseph’s can also make a greater contribution to the wider community here. As a Catholic school we want our pupils to have a true understanding of their self worth.

Teaching and Learning

Improving results

St Joseph’s is on a mission to achieve even greater academic results, especially at GCSE and A Level, without losing sight of our key philosophy – to ensure that every pupil develops the key attributes of commitment, collaboration, confidence, compassion and communication.

Embracing digital

St Joseph’s aspires to be at the forefront of digital teaching and learning. As leaders in pastoral care, we also place great emphasis on the importance of online safety.

Investing in great staff

St Joseph’s soaring reputation puts our school in a great position to continue attracting the most talented teachers, investing in their development and retaining the best staff.

Generating Revenue

Fee strategy

In 2010 we cut fees by 17%, and our fees are still significantly lower than any other independent school in the local area. St Joseph’s College requires investment. We are future-proofing the school while staying committed to offering a rewarding, outstanding-value education for all our pupils. We will continue to monitor fee strategy and any decision on change will be carefully considered.


We are committed to maintaining our Bursary fund and providing financial support for parents who need it most. Funding will continue to be offered to both existing parents and families who are new to the school.

Healthy reserves

To ensure our financial stability, it’s important that we have healthy reserves. This will also allow the school to withstand any unexpected future expenses.

Pastoral Care

Together as one

We know and look out for every single St Joseph’s pupil. Personal wellbeing is paramount and we strive to create a learning experience that challenges and supports pupils every step of the way. This approach produces resilient, determined and confident individuals.

Mental health and wellbeing

We will enhance our systems for monitoring and tracking pupils’ welfare and progress. We recognise the importance of pupils’ mental health and, as a Mental Health First Aid training centre, we will further develop staff training and skills. We aim to set a gold standard for mental healthcare in schools.

Performing Arts

Showcasing the arts

Music and Drama will continue to play a major part in our extra-curricular activities. We aim to broaden our reach in the arts, both within school through performances and qualifications, and in the wider community as we forge links with external arts organisations.

Outdoor Learning

Championing sport

Representing our school fosters a great sense of pride and belonging while sporting success helps communicate the St Joseph’s brand and broadens our reach. We will strengthen links with the University and local sports clubs and extend our sporting participation.

Trips and activities

We will enhance school trips, ensuring a mix from the local to the more ambitious and adventurous. Our Social Action activities will provide further opportunities for meaningful service.

Lifelong Learners

Education that lasts a lifetime

A St Joseph’s education is about developing well-rounded citizens with a sense of responsibility, compassion and respect, and providing a moral and spiritual framework that guides the individual for a lifetime. Our curriculum is under constant scrutiny and will evolve to ensure that pupils have the skills to help them succeed in life.

Staff development

We want to advance inspirational teaching throughout the school and enable staff to share best practice. We aim to recruit and retain the best teachers and develop their skills so they can progress within the school while getting the very best out of every pupil.

Facilities Development

Providing the best learning environment

We want all pupils to benefit from the best facilities we can offer, that allow them every chance to shine in lessons and extracurricular activities. That’s why the new Music Centre and all-weather sports pitch were built and why we’re committed to further value-for-money infrastructure investment.

Great Connections

Stronger links

We aim to forge greater connections with our influential neighbours, including Reading University, Henley Business School and a number of leading tech companies. We want to tap into our alumni, working in a wide range of professions, to give pupils insight and inspiration.

Global perspective

We want our pupils to be able to experience different cultures and take St Joseph’s spiritual and moral values to all parts of the world. This will be achieved by making the most of our links with the Sisters of St Marie Madeleine Postel and fully engaging pupils in the wider world.

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