St Joseph’s is a school that provides a careful balance between academic achievement and personal development; something made possible by our smaller class sizes and our commitment to pastoral care.

Individual attention

As a cohort of 600 pupils we know our pupils’ individual needs and work with their strengths. Often in other schools, those at the top get pushed, those at the bottom get supported, and those in the middle get lost. Not at St Joseph’s. Here there is no missing middle; we can get to know every single child and push them all to do their very best.

“ The teachers are always happy to take a minute to talk to you on your own”

Adam, year 8


A smaller size gives scope for all our pupils to take part in things that are outside their immediate interests or talents. Our pupils are never short of new and varied activities to try and we encourage them all to get involved.


Small is big because here at St Joseph’s our pupils end up with more not fewer opportunities; a sports team, a performance, a club or leadership role depends on each and every pupil playing his or her part. They are more likely to get a position in a sports team, a leading part in the latest production or the opportunity to take a key leadership role. Everyone rallies together and supports each other.

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