Interview with Joe Beech who joined St Joseph’s Sixth Form from St Michael’s Catholic School, High Wycombe

If you are joining Sixth Form from a different school and want to know more about this process, Joe Beech joined Year 12 at St Joseph’s in September 2020 from St Michael’s Catholic School, High Wycombe and has answered some questions about his experience of this process for you.

  • How did you find the transition from your previous school to St. Joseph’s?

Joining St Joseph’s Sixth Form was incredibly easy due to the supportive and welcoming environment. It was very easy to make friends who helped me feel at home quickly. This involved things like joining the fantasy football league, which I quickly realised was not my strong point! The teachers also involved me in school activities, which help me feel more confident around school.


  • How would you describe your first impressions of the teachers and pupils at St. Joseph’s?

The teachers at St Joseph’s are really friendly and welcoming. I have found that they will do their absolute best to help you reach your potential and they are really enthusiastic about their subjects. All the pupils and staff at St Joseph’s were really welcoming and made me feel at home from day one.

  • Is there any advice you would give to prospective Sixth Form students?

I found that for subjects like Maths and Physics, doing the bridging work really helped to give me a good base when I started. I found this really helpful as it helped calm my nerves when I could understand the first few topics quite well. I found getting involved in as much as possible made integrating into the Year much easier as it gave me a chance to speak to people who were not in my class and therefore widen the group of friends I made. Be yourself when joining and just talk to everyone there as they are not scary and are very happy to have new people join.

  • How would you describe the environment here at St. Joseph’s (co-curricular, pastoral, academic)?

There are a whole variety of teachers who are part of the pastoral team who are always there to help. The Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Your form tutor will also always be there for questions and will do their absolute best to answer them and give you the help and support you need. Academically, I have found the College has provided the best learning atmosphere I have ever experienced. The great teachers and small classes has really given me a chance to strive and feel at home. I found the small Maths classes really helped, as I was very nervous about the jump up to A level.  Having an atmosphere where I was comfortable asking questions has really help me gain confidence. Activities like ‘Café Scientifique’ give you an opportunity to listen to interesting topics covering a wide variety of subjects related to science, which you are able to add to your personal statement.

  • Do you have any other comments about joining St Joseph’s?

It is a really welcoming place which provides the best possible environment to do your best. There are many opportunities to get involved in school life, from assisting Prep classes with Maths to helping Year 7’s launch rockets. There are also opportunities to apply for roles like House Captain and Prefects, which give you a chance to hold a position of responsibility within the College. Overall, it is a great place to come to school and joining here was one of best decisions I have made.

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