Speech and Drama lessons continue to grow in popularity at St Joseph’s; we have over 160 students across the College participating, with the vast majority of past students awarded merits and distinctions.

Speech and Drama Lessons

Speech and Drama lessons help students develop skill and confidence in public speaking, comprehension, articulation, diction, rhythm, pause, pace, expression, vocal modulation, engaging an audience, mood, conveying meaning, formal presentation or acting skills.


We currently follow the prestigious LAMDA (London Academy for Music and the Dramatic Arts) syllabus and are a private centre for LAMDA. Our programme is taught by our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, who provide a bespoke approach tailored to each individual student’s requirements.

Students can opt to take either individual (solo) or shared (duo) classes and can commence taking lessons from Year 1- Year 13.

Students can choose to pursue from the two core components of Speech (Communication) or Drama (Performance):


  • Verse and Prose
  • Reading for Performance
  • Speaking in Public



  • Acting
  • Devising
  • Mime

Musical Theatre

From September 2020 we began offering the Musical Theatre qualification. This is taught in conjunction with the Music department as it is a cross disciplinary area of the curriculum.  We currently have two Musical Theatre specialists across the two departments and work together to ensure that the quality of singing remains in line with Music department standards and the quality of acting in line with Drama department standards.


The Shakespeare qualification is available at the end of each level.  This challenging course requires students not only to perform pieces of Shakespearean text, but also to study and understand his plays, language and the context in which they are written.

Performances and Examinations

Year 1-6 students are invited to perform in termly showcases, which parents can attend, providing an opportunity for them to share their performances and recitals with friends and family and gain experience and confidence in public speaking, presentation and performance.

In Years 7-13 we host a formal Speech and Drama Presentation Evening, in which students achieving medals and certificates can be presented with their awards, sharing their achievements with the college community.  During the evening presentations and performances are given by our Speech and Drama students.

We host exam days three times a year, allowing each student to move at their own pace and enter when they are ready.  The qualifications achieved in these exams are widely recognised and respected.

For more information please contact: performingartsadministrator@sjcr.org.uk

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