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Ms J Wace

Head of English

In my opinion teaching is the best profession in the world. As a teacher I am privileged to teach the country’s future business people and leaders.  English Literature and Language are, along with Maths and Science, the backbone of our educational curriculum, and there is so much to share, to instil into young people’s minds. I have several degrees, one B.A. and two M.A.s; the most important M.A. being in English Literature.

Although my first language is English, I am bilingual (English and French). Having taught in two countries – France for 15 years and Britain for 20 – I have an in depth understanding of how language is used to communicate effectively. This particularly helps when teaching bilingual students, or students who are exposed to more than one language in their home life.

What interests do I have?  Reading: I read on average three books a month and often share what I have read with my students. The theatre is another passion. We are very lucky to live so near to the greatest city in the world for theatre. Exploring our wonderful countryside is another passion. Finally, I love all – well most – things French.