We believe education is about inspiring minds to gain new knowledge, build confidence, explore new ideas and learn new skills. At St Joseph’s we focus on the talents and interests of each individual; stimulating their intellectual curiosity and bringing out their very best.

Results & Achievements

Our goal is for our pupils to be balanced, grounded, determined and emotionally intelligent young people; by providing an education which develops and nurtures the whole person. We do stretch pupils to do their best in exams, but the pressure is tailored to their needs and never overbearing. Our school is caring and inclusive; we do not seek to ‘fit’ our students into a particular template.

St Joseph’s has a strong reputation for the quality of its teaching and learning. Lessons are geared to stimulate and stretch pupils at all levels; and the teachers gauge individual ability and personal strengths to encourage the fulfilment of every pupil’s potential.

GCSE and A Level Results 2023

Learning Support Programme

At St Joseph’s we understand that some pupils need additional support in their studies. We have experience with a range of mild learning needs and have seen these pupils flourish personally and academically. We have a Head of Learning Support & EAL and a Learning Support Assistant, who are able to offer the appropriate level of support to help pupils gain confidence and excel in their learning.

Scholarship Programme

At St Joseph’s, we listen to every pupil and recognise them as a unique individual with different strengths and talents. Each lesson is carefully differentiated to ensure that everyone is challenged at the right level. Our scholarship programme offers extension activities and provides an extra dimension of learning for those who are able to achieve beyond the usual classroom standard. We do not stop teaching once a child has reached the required standard, but continue to encourage them to reach their full potential.

After St Joseph’s

Our students move on from St Joseph’s to study a wide range of degree level subjects and courses, whether at universities, conservatoires or through professional apprenticeships. The subjects they are passionate about are as diverse as the students themselves – from Law to Marine Biology, Mechanical Engineering to Acting and Performance.

We guide every student individually through the UCAS or apprenticeship application process. Our staff spend as much time as each student needs to talk through their options and help find courses and career paths that inspire them.

We are proud of all of our students, and know that their education and experiences at St Joseph’s will help them succeed in life with confidence, commitment and integrity.

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