Our pupils’ mental health and well-being is a priority at St Joseph’s and we are all here to provide the support pupils need from day to day. Our school has a reputation for outstanding pastoral care and visitors are often commenting on the school’s warm and friendly atmosphere.

At the heart of our school’s mission is for our pupils to feel happy, safe and valued, as well as achieve their best academically. We offer a safe space for our pupils to confide and open up, encouraging them to talk to their teachers and friends alike through all stages of their school journey. Regular communication between pupils, teachers and parents ensures that no child is overlooked and that the health and happiness of each child is given priority.

Chaplaincy & Wellbeing Centre

We teach all our pupils, from the youngest years, the importance of mental health, whether it be through PSHEE lessons, collective worship or times of reflection. It forms an integral part of our pastoral care. Most of our staff have been trained in mental health first aid and are all equipped to understand and look out for the mental wellbeing of our pupils. Support is given to help manage a whole range of concerns from workload, to friendships to bereavement.

Our school has a newly refurbished Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Centre, a calming area where all members of the College can ‘escape’ to relax and access resources to support their mental health. It is a non-judgmental environment and is a shared facility across all year groups. All are welcome to visit the Wellbeing Centre and a friendly face is always ready to greet you. The decor is natural, the furniture comfortable and the atmosphere calming. All pupils are introduced to the Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Centre through their PSHEE lessons and activities associated with wellbeing, such as meditation.

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