The aims of the House system are to encourage positive competitiveness, to increase the pupil’s range of abilities and interests and to develop a culture of team spirit, support, fun and inclusivity across all year groups.

Pre-Reception to Year 2

Pupils in Pre-Reception to Year 2 are allocated to one of three bear families: Koala, Panda or Polar Bear. Activities are run between these families until pupils reach Year 3, when they will be allocated to one of four College Houses.

Year 3 to Year 13

Pupils join one of our four College Houses; Dixon, Hummel, Jennings and Richardson. Each house has an assigned colour. The names of the four houses represent the surnames of the first four families at the College when it moved to Reading in 1902.

House Competitions and activities:

  • House Games Week
  • House Swimming
  • House Maths Team Challenge
  • House Science Challenge
  • House Art Competition
  • House Harry Potter Quiz
  • House English Slam Rap and Poetry Battle
  • House Stand-Up Comedy
  • House Food Quiz
  • House Countdown
  • House Language Hunt
  • House Photography
  • House Gadget Making
  • Sports Day

Each year the Sixth Form House Captains organise a house charity event for their house.

Recent examples:

  • Dress up a Teacher
  • Move It (Dance Event)
  • Battle of the Bands

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