Our Years 7 – 11 teachers are passionate about preparing our students to play leading roles in today’s challenging world. We focus on the education of the whole person so as to achieve the academic, personal and spiritual growth of each student.

Our small class sizes enable all students to receive the individual guidance and support required for them to achieve their potential. Every student is encouraged to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities so as to develop the skills of leadership, teamwork and communication. We run a large and varied number of external trips and activities to expand our pupils’ interests and bring an additional layer to their learning. 

Strong links are formed between students, teachers and parents to ensure that attention is given both to the academic progress and to the well-being of each student. We encourage all students to develop an awareness of their own role in society and to develop the desire to contribute. 

“ I love the opportunities at St Joseph’s, I’ve had the chance to get involved with lots of extra curricular activities”

Sarah, year 11

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