Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, in recognition of a pupil’s ability and contribution to one aspect of College life (Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport) together with support shown for any activities in school relating to the scholarship. Pupils in Year 6 and above are eligible for scholarships.

Academic scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded annually to those who excel academically. The award entitles the holder to £100 towards the cost of attending museums, exhibitions, events and lectures. All academic scholars are members of the Scholars’ Society, although its activities are open to all Senior pupils. This society promotes scholarship within the College, helping to create a culture that values intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom. Activities are organised throughout the academic year for pupils to explore their interests and broaden their experiences.

Art, Drama, Music and Sport scholarships

Each annual scholarship entitles the holder to a £100 award towards the cost of materials, equipment and events tickets related to their subject. Scholarship holders in Years 10 and 11 are expected to study their particular subject at GCSE level, and will be expected to take part in any performances, competitions or exhibitions relating to their subject. Trips to music concerts, sports matches, exhibitions, plays and other events will be organised for scholars in each field.

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