French Summer Challenge Awards

Over the summer, some of our French pupils completed a Languages Summer Immersion Challenge, organised by Aston University. Designed to keep them practising their language, pupils were tasked with completing 14 activities, ranging from sending an email, watching a film or reading a blog in French, to name just a few.

This week, pupils were awarded with their Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates, depending on how many of the activities they completed. Many of the pupils worked incredibly hard on this and produced some excellent projects. Well done to all involved!

Gold awardSilver awardBronze award
Stella, Year 9Aaryaman, Year 11Jai, Year 11
Emily, Year 10Ameesha, Year 11
Alex, Year 11Izzie, Year 11
Alice, Year 11Lara, Year 11
Hetty, Year 11Tierney, Year 11
Peter, Year 11

We spoke to the pupils about their experience with the Challenge:

“Listening to the French radio as they speak extremely fast and you can’t rely on seeing them speak to help you understand.” (Izzie)

“Writing the weekly shopping list in French and translating as we shopped. This activity tested your memory and it was difficult to remember everything on such a long shopping list!” (Alex)

“Cooking using a recipe in French. I made crepes and found the recipe easy to follow and then there’s the bonus of getting to eat the finish product.” (Lara)

“Creating a cartoon. I was able to combine my language with my creative side and based my comic on a cat. Comics are popular in France, for example Asterix and Tintin.” (Alice)

“I messaged my French pen pal (we are connected with a pen pal in Year 9) and told them that I was going for a birthday dinner with my family.”

“I watched a French secret service TV series. It was hard to keep up at time, as they talk extremely fast and especially when using more technical, obscure words.”

“Changing my mobile phone setup to French for four weeks. You use your phone every day so it ensures the French language stays in your mind” (Tierney)

“Reading a French newspaper as you learnt about what is happening in the country right now, as well as recognising the language.” (Peter)

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