A full ISI Inspection took place over a week in May 2022. The five inspectors found that ‘pupils display a good level of knowledge across all areas of learning and are able to make effective use of this’ and noted that ‘there is an ethos of respect, support, kindness, and openness across the entire community’. They added that ‘pupils are highly confident and resilient individuals but without any sense of brashness or arrogance, looking ahead positively to what they can achieve.’

Educational Quality Inspection Report

The Educational Quality Inspection reports on the quality of the school’s work. It focuses on the two key outcomes:

  • The achievement of the pupils, including their academic development, and
  • The personal development of the pupils.

Their key findings were that the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is good. They commented that ‘pupils have a strong focus in lessons and work positively both as independent and collaborative learners’.

They found that the quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent, noting that ‘pupils have a very positive attitude towards supporting other people both within the school and wider community’, and ‘pupils embrace positively the diversity of their school and respect and value their differences.’

The school scored highly in other areas too, with inspectors praising the co-curricular opportunities offered by the school, noting ‘pupils achieve success in a wide range of activities both within and beyond the classroom and they gain valuable new skills from their involvement’.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

Regulatory compliance inspections from ISI focus on whether the school meets the Education (Independent Schools Standards) Regulations and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework. These are the national standards for all independent schools. In each of the eight discrete areas, including all areas relating to safeguarding, the inspectors found that ‘the standards are met’. This is the highest possible achievement under this current inspection framework and is a huge accolade.

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