Teaching & Learning

Throughout our school we offer a curriculum that is rich, stimulating and diverse. Our aim is to inspire every child to reach their potential through a broad range of learning experiences. We recognise that each child is an individual, so care is taken to prepare lessons that will stimulate and challenge every pupil.

Our teaching staff are dedicated to engaging and inspiring our pupils to develop a curiosity and love for learning. Within an environment centred on caring, pupils are able to grow to value themselves and those around them, encouraging one another to succeed.

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Health & Wellbeing

St Joseph’s is known for its high quality pastoral care and genuine support of its pupils’ mental and physical wellbeing. Our school’s close community of teachers, pupils and parents create an atmosphere of warmth and trust, encouraging responsibility and accountability. We all work together to make sure that every child knows they are seen and heard, and even more importantly, accepted and understood.

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities form an important part of life at St Joseph’s. We encourage all pupils to participate in a variety of sports, activities and hobbies. There is an exciting range of clubs and groups that take place every day at our school, and our smaller size means many more opportunities for our pupils. There will be numerous chances for them to get into a sports team, have a role in our annual productions or try something out of their comfort zone.

Our co-curricular activities are designed to challenge our pupils, help them grow in confidence, discover new possibilities and support their mental and physical wellbeing.

Activities and clubs for Infants and Juniors include judo, ballet, netball, Zumba, chamber choir, playing the recorder, computer club, STEM club, writing club and meditation club.

Older year groups participate in music groups such as orchestra, folk band, wind band, brass band and several choirs. Sporting activities include athletics, football, rugby, trampolining, tennis, swimming and basketball. There are drama and public speaking groups, and clubs for languages, science, study skills, chess and more. We encourage our pupils to nominate new clubs and activities, and have the opportunity to help lead clubs and activities for younger pupils.

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Our Lay Chaplain, Mrs Bray, provides spiritual and pastoral support for both pupils and staff. She is able to provide a listening ear, tea, sympathy and practical advice for a wide range of challenges and personal problems. Our pupils’ mental health and well-being is a priority here at St Joseph’s and we are all here to provide the support pupils need from day to day.

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Senior School Preparation

In Years 5 and 6 we focus on preparing pupils both socially and academically for the rigours of Year 7 and the Senior School. We encourage boys and girls to develop more independence, both in their studies and in co-curricular and social activities. This enables them to grow in confidence and gain experience that will support their transition into the Senior School. Year 6 pupils spend an increasing amount of time in the Senior School, in order to gain familiarity with the building and the teachers.

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