St Joseph’s broad co-curricular programme enhances learning by providing new
opportunities and challenges beyond the classroom.

Our pupils enjoy activities such as performing arts, sports, outdoor pursuits, academic challenges and cultural explorations. Co-curricular activities are offered according to the season and the age of pupils. Among our pupils we have county athletes, semi-professional performers, and those with exceptional talents and unique hobbies.


Music is a part of our heritage at St Joseph’s and we encourage all pupils to get involved. We have a long standing reputation for excellence in music and there are choirs, music groups and orchestras to suit all instruments, ages and abilities. Trips and tours are regularly organised by the Music department, with destinations including Rome, Paris, Ireland and Venice.

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We are proud of our excellent reputation as a centre for the Dramatic Arts. St Joseph’s has its own drama studio and theatre, and pupils of all ages are involved in productions. Drama is taught as part of the main curriculum, and is also offered as a co-curricular activity. Christmas productions, musicals, classics, and foreign language plays are all performed at our school.

Our pupils have the opportunity to get involved backstage and participate in lighting, set design and production management. Throughout the year, our pupils enjoy a range of theatre visits that support and enhance their classroom learning, and they regularly participate in festivals and competitions.

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Sport is a key element of both curricular and co-curricular activities at St Joseph’s. We offer a range of sports that suit boys and girls of every age and ability.

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There are many areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that stretch beyond the curriculum and, at St Joseph’s, you can explore them in a variety of formats. From regular clubs to national competitions and year group challenges, there is something for everyone right from Reception Class to Sixth Form.

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Cultural & Academic Activities

We have a variety of clubs, societies and activities at St Joseph’s that support our pupils’ cultural and intellectual learning. There are opportunities to take part in chess competitions, book clubs, language drop ins, and the ever popular STEM Club (inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related activities), to name but a few. Trips and visits are organised to support our pupils’ social, cultural and academic development, including excursions to museums, conferences, art exhibitions, seminars and national competitions.


St Joseph’s offers an exciting array of different clubs that our pupils can get involved in throughout their time at our school. We believe it is important for children to explore new activities, interests and hobbies outside of the classroom; broadening their skill set, developing their confidence and self-esteem, and adding a new dimension to academic education.

Our clubs cover a diverse range of different activities including performing arts, music, science, literature, sports, outdoor pursuits, academic challenges and cultural activities. There are clubs tailored to all ages throughout the school.

Trips & Expeditions

St Joseph’s offers many trips, visits and adventures throughout school life, from Pre-Reception to Sixth Form. We believe that giving pupils the opportunity to explore new places outside of school is an important part of their education and contributes significantly to their personal development.

Our trips and visits, both local and abroad, give depth to our pupils’ life experience and increase their understanding of history, cultures and communities. We find that pupils develop their skills in leadership, communication, resilience and mutual respect, with many pupils returning to the classroom with a renewed vigour, ready to put into practice what they have learned.

Recent trips have included:

  • an expedition to Uganda
  • a music tour to Florence
  • a field trip to Iceland
  • adventure courses at Marwell, Hengistbury Head and Calshot
  • a cultural trip to New York
  • local visits to museums, galleries, wildlife parks and educational seminars.

At the start of the autumn term, pupils in Year 7, 9 and 12 take part in a retreat at the St Cassian Centre, Kintbury. This team-building trip aims to help support the building of new friendships within the year groups as well as giving pupils a chance to have fun and learn new skills.

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