Senior Speech and Drama (LAMDA) Showcase: March 2021

Welcome to our online Senior Speech and Drama (LAMDA) Showcase. Usually in the spring term we would host a presentation evening, in which our senior speech and drama students would receive their certificates and medals from the LAMDA exams and present a selection of recitals, speeches and performances to an audience of parents, teachers and students. 

This year we are hosting our presentation online. Students were tasked with getting a little creative with their pieces; working with their teachers to find locations or come up with staging arrangements to suit their pieces and work for an onscreen performance. Some of these performances were recorded whilst still in lockdown, via google meet, some have required parents and teachers to turn into camera men and women, filming in woods or gardens and some have involved us taking advantage of the very varied spaces, both indoor and out, in the College.  

We have over 150 students taking speech and drama lessons from Year 1 to Year 13, with 115 of those coming from our senior school. As such this showcase represents just a small selection of those taking LAMDA and we hope to offer more pupils the opportunity to present and perform their pieces in the summer term. 

At St Joseph’s we offer our students access to all of the different strands of the LAMDA curriculum, everything from Speaking in Public to Acting and Musical Theatre. Each term students are able to enter for exams in the school – as we are a registered private centre for LAMDA exams. Our results are consistently excellent and we are proud of the growth in popularity and participation in speech and drama over the last 4 years. If you are interested in learning more about our speech and drama programme, please contact either Mrs Gale, our performing arts administrator at: or myself at

We hope you enjoy this evening’s programme.

Warm regards,

Melissa Bicknell

Head of Drama

Miss Bicknell Introduction

LAMDA Performances: Year 7 and 8

Cooper, Year 7

Ed & Harry, Year 7

Ini and Evie, Year 7

Maximilian, Year 7

Oscar, Year 7

Ryan, Year 7

Boni & Josh, Year 8

Kaashvi & Sophie, Year 8

Kieran, Year 8

Lucas, Year 8

Maria, Year 8

Niamh & Zohra, Year 8

LAMDA Performances: Year 9 to 11

Duncan, Year 9

Eleana, Year 9

Vimbai & Charlene, Year 9

Josh, Year 10

Shula, Year 10

Hetty, Year 11

LAMDA Performances: Year 12 and 13

Anya & Annabelle, Year 12

Lauren, Year 12

Anya & Jasmyn, Year 13

Bizzie, Year 13

Mollie, Year 13

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