GCSE results are in!

Image caption: Sofia achieved grade 9 in all 10 of her GCSEs and will be taking Maths, Chemistry and Biology for A Level

St Joseph’s College is celebrating the efforts and hard work of Year 11 students on GCSE results day with 28% of entries achieving 9-8, compared with 27% in 2019, and 51% of entries achieving grades 9-7, up from 46% in 2019.

In Maths, Geography, History, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Music, 60% or more of pupils passed with grades 9 – 7.

Head Laura Stotesbury said: “Our students should be extremely proud of their achievements today, which are testament to all the hard work that they have put in over the past two years. Many have performed better than they expected when they first embarked on their GCSE journey. I look forward to welcoming them back to St Joseph’s Sixth Form next month as they begin their A Level studies.

I would like to thank our impressive staff for their hard work to keep our young people at the centre of all that we do.”

Sofia was expecting to achieve 7s, 8s and 9s but actually achieved 9s across all subjects and is delighted. She joined St Joseph’s in Year 9 and says “The quality of teaching has been really good; teachers have always been dedicated to their subjects and they quickly got to know me and found the right ways to help me. Extension work stretched me to reach my full potential. Sofia has participated in a wide variety of co-curricular activities including the Hockey team; athletics, including fixtures; STEM – Café Scientifique; Debate club and LAMDA. She found this particularly helpful to develop her public speaking and confidence.

Vimbai joined St Joseph’s aged four. She is relieved all her hard work has paid off. She will study Maths, Biology and Chemistry for A Level. She hopes to study medicine at university. She credits the College with providing her with new opportunities and says “I have really come out of my shell since being here – I was very shy to start with. I have been involved with lots of activities including Drama productions, STEM and sport.”

Alex excelled with his results and is going on to study Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Music in Sixth Form. He says about St Joseph’s: “Recently I feel I have really flourished in music, whereas before I wasn’t particularly in to music in primary school. The teachers have provided great motivation and have nurtured my interests.”

Alex has been involved in the Barbershop Quartet, chamber choir and college choir as well as having instrumental lessons. He has also completed his Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.

Alex is looking forward to Sixth Form, particularly the freedom to concentrate on his interests of maths and computer science and the EPQ project, which he will be doing on philosophy and music. He is setting his sights on the University of Cambridge or Edinburgh to read Computer Science or Music.

Will says he is relieved to get his results after lots of anticipation and is looking forward to the independence of Sixth Form, doing research and reading around the topics. He will study History, Music, Psychology and AS Latin.

Will says St Joseph’s has given him confidence: “I was shy in Year 7, but I’ve been able to branch out and do lots of extra-curricular activities and collaborate with the older students on projects like the school production, and performances with wind band, jazz band, Barbershop quartet and choir.”

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