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Director of Sport

Mr M Orgill

I have been a PE teacher since September 2013 and was inspired by my love of sport from an early age to set out upon this career path. Some of my biggest influences growing up were my PE teachers. They were so passionate about what they did and seemed to genuinely love every day they spent at work so I was keen to try it for myself and it has not disappointed!

I have always loved sport and the process of helping others to improve. My current sporting passion is triathlon and I train regularly to improve my performance in this field, having completed Ironman races amongst others in the past. I am a Level 3 Qualified Swimming Coach and I have coached national and regional age group swimmers alongside teaching.

As a younger man I played rugby, football and cricket competitively but I’m now more of a fan than a player as a result of various old injuries catching up with me. I am a Level 2 qualified coach in Rugby and Cricket and enjoy teaching and coaching both of these sports at St Joseph’s.

My philosophy towards coaching and teaching is centred around an ‘Excellence for All’ approach. My aim is to help every pupil find a sporting passion they wish to pursue, whilst also equipping them with the right knowledge to understand the important role sport and exercise can play in long-term health. Bumping in to a former pupil out for a run, playing social football or working out at the gym is a huge win – it shows that I have done my job well.

Away from sport and school my wife and I enjoy travelling, both in Britain and abroad, as well as taking our rescue dog Trudy for long walks.

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